Dave Wakeman

  • Another great piece from iSport contributor Dave Wakeman who continues to ask some hard questions of sports biz executives... Originally posted on davewakeman.com
  • In this article originally published on LinkedIn Dave Wakeman raises an issue that he has talked and written about over a number of different areas - the need to do hardcore fan development over many years; to think about the lifetime value of your fans; and to use stories as a tool to build the game and tie the history to the present.
  • In this short piece regular iSport contributor Dave Wakeman explores the strategy of expending your entire marketing budget on a single game...
  • In working with a lot of sports, entertainment, and hospitality companies over the years, people talk about word of mouth pretty regularly. Along with referrals and testimonials. What you find if you spend enough time around these verticals is that in most cases, the talk is great, but the execution is piss poor. That’s why in the normal course of my reviewing websites and looking for examples of things that work or don’t work, I was almost floored to see this banner at the top of the Premium Seating section of the Florida Panthers website. This from the Revenue Architect and regular iSport blogger Dave Wakeman...
  • In sports, teams are often associated with some specific position or style or attitude. Think about the history of linebackers that played for the Chicago Bears in the NFL. Or, the Los Angeles Lakers are known for their superstars. In the Premier League, we all know that Manchester United is the team that spends, spends, and spends to get the best players at all costs.
  • If you are in sports business, even remotely, and haven't heard about the failure of ScoreBig over the last few weeks, where have you been? Because this one event has the potential to reshape the nature of damaging the already shaky relationship between fan and event in ways that will have long term impact for years into the future.

    As fans' tickets have been cancelled all over the country and scores of primary and secondary market partners have stepped up in the effort to ensure that fans and buyers that are being harmed due to the bad actors that seemingly ran the show at ScoreBig, it is important to move past the initial crisis phase and learn some lessons and ensure it doesn't happen again! This originally from LinkedIn...
  • One of the big buzzwords in sports is “culture.” But what does “culture” really mean? If you look at LinkedIn, it looks a lot like guys clipping each others’ ties and doing push ups and other stupid things that likely hide the fact that the sales team is forced to do the same tired tactics that their sales managers did 10 years ago.
    To really improve your sales culture, you need to take a step and think about what you are doing and approach things from a different manner. To my mind, here are 10 things you can do that will really move the needle of your sales culture in your team
  • Fans today are just as likely to buy tickets for the experience as they are for the game. But some sales practices haven’t adapted to these new buying habits and behaviors. Salespeople must become more innovative and strategic in the changing landscape.
  • This email was forwarded to me earlier this week and after thinking about it for a few days, I figured I would write up a few ideas about why this email sucks and likely burns a lot of your premium prospects and, more importantly, how you can improve it or make it more meaningful to the people you are sending it to.
  • Sports has some of the most powerful connections to their customers and fans of any brands in the world, but in too many cases, not enough attention is paid to maximizing their branding . ​In terms of branding, sports can learn a lot from the rest of the business world so that they can make sure that the powerful brands they have create the maximum impact in their markets.