Kylie Bates

  • If sport is going to be relevant it must either align with something a new market values or have so much money behind it that it becomes a Jetson-like bubble that hovers over the realities a new market endures.

    It is tricky to make sport relevant in our own culture. It is trickier to make sport relevant in new cultures where sport is not an intergenerational experience handed down from parent to child and moulded over the years to take the shape of the things our culture cares about like individual success, achievement through effort and if we are lucky, mateship.

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  • Sport is untapped market as powerful tool to serve non-sport agendas. Sponsors figured this out a long time ago. Community development and social change organisations are not far behind. A sponsor can make sport sell beer, a development organisation can make it into a education, vaccination or HIV platform, a government can use it as a diplomatic and people meeting tool in far off lands.