Leadership and Resilience Development Program (Coming Soon)

$395.00 Inc GST

The course takes best practice in leadership, personal branding, communication and resilience and applies it to sport and the sports industry. Practically oriented, students will learn specific skills from each area and apply and develop those skills to their existing or future sporting environments.

Course Description

The overall objective of this program is to give students a practical understanding of leadership and how the principles and processes learned can be applied in variety of sporting and non-sporting situations.

The program is comprised the following four courses and attendant topics:

  1. The Basics of Sport Leadership
    Including: the characteristics of effective leadership, styles and the value of leadership.
  2. Personal Branding for Sport
    Including: creating and using a personal brand and culture, values and personal brand.
  3. Communication for Sport Leaders
    Including: effective communication, active listening, social media and meetings, presentations and reports.
  4. Leadership Resilience in Sport
    Including: resilience in leadership, coping with difficult situations and maintaining resilience.

The program interlinks the courses seamlessly and combines a range of activities, further resources and ongoing knowledge checks.

Each course contains a range of materials that are written, interactive and include video and online links as well as a selection of practical readings and ongoing knowledge checks. In addition to generic materials, within each unit you will also see two specific sections:


These sections encourage you stop for a minute and think. You will be asked to consider and apply existing or new knowledge to your individual situation.

Go Deeper

This is where your experience and learning is taken a little deeper through links and articles and other additional information.