Leadership Resilience in Sport (Coming Soon)

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Resilience means many things but most people see it as a positive trait, especially in challenging times. This courses explores the key skills around resilience and applies the qualities required of leadership in sport to build leadership resilience.

Course Description

Resilience means many things to people. Definitions include things like flexibility, suppleness, durability, strength, speed of recovery and buoyancy.

“Being resilient can help you manage stress, lower your chances of depression, and has even been proven to make people live longer”

This courses wraps key skills around resilience into the qualities required of leadership in sport and applies the principles of communication to equip students with leadership resilience.Topics include:

  • introducing resilience;
  • coping with difficult situations;
  • maintaining resilience; and
  • resilience in leadership.

Each topic contains a range of materials that are written, interactive and include video and online links as well as a selection of practical readings and ongoing knowledge checks. In addition to generic materials, within each unit you will also see two specific sections:


These sections encourage you stop for a minute and think. You will be asked to consider and apply existing or new knowledge to your individual situation.

Go Deeper

This is where your experience and learning is taken a little deeper through links and articles and other additional information.

This course is a stand alone, individual course but may also be undertaken as the second module of the Institute of Sport’s Leadership and Resilience Development Program.