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Sports Strategy in Digital: The DATA Model Story


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Why Sports Strategy in Digital: The DATA Model Story?

Analysts claim that digital will be more transformative to the economy than the Industrial Revolution ever was.  Other experts observe sport to be the most disrupted of all industries.

“As sports professionals operating against this backdrop we all need to invest in ourselves with the insights and skills that will enable us to thrive in this global shift from analogue to digital”.

Sports Strategy in Digital: The DATA Model Story is the first course designed to provide every sports professional and aspiring sports professional with an end-to-end view of the digital economy and its impact on the business of sports. From front to back office and every place in between!

Researched and presented by Stephen Bourke, an acclaimed sports business professional and presenter, The DATA Model Story is delivered from an insiders’, strategic perspective in a non-technical way from which anybody can gain immense and ongoing practical value.

The DATA Model is so titled because it is the acronym for the four distinct sections of the course:

Disrupted examines each of the digital forces and sets the context for the sections that follow;

Adapted shares the lessons and best practice of organisations that have mastered digital;

Transformed defines the new relationship between business and fans underpinned by social leadership and digital marketing strategy; and

Actioned is devoted to the hardest and most important of our digital forces to master, data and analytics, to achieve actionable insights.

As well as personal insights and comprehensive analysis that culminates in new theoretical models (such as a Digital Line of Sight framework and the concept that Sports Business is in the Digital Platform Game) this interactive and innovative course is loaded with:

a wealth of readings about new digital concepts and research;

lessons from sports business pioneers across the world;

key takeaways you can use immediately; and

a range of activities and knowledge checks that will challenge your thinking.

More than anything, digital is about growth and Sports Strategy in Digital: The DATA Model Story is the growth playbook for your sports organisation and your sports business career.


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