Personal Branding for Sport Leaders

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The idea of creating a brand for ourselves isn’t something many of us take the time to do. This course allows students to develop an awareness of their personal brand, appreciate others’ and to develop their own, unique brand.

Course Description

Whilst the idea of attaching a brand to a business is commonplace, the idea of creating a brand for ourselves isn’t something many of us take the time to do. Instead our brand just organically develops and we may not really be consciously aware of what it is or how others perceive us.

“Not to emphasise it too much… the fact is, whether you’ve defined it yet or not, you already have a personal brand. For some people like the Kardashian’s and the Beckham’s – they are a brand!”

This course equips students with an awareness of their personal brand, an appreciation of others’ and allows participants to define and develop their own brand. Topics include:

  • what is personal brand;
  • creating your personal brand;
  • using personal brand to influence others’; and
  • culture, values and personal brand.


Each topic contains a range of materials that are written, interactive and include video and online links as well as a selection of practical readings and ongoing knowledge checks. In addition to generic materials, within each unit you will also see two specific sections:


These sections encourage you stop for a minute and think. You will be asked to consider and apply existing or new knowledge to your individual situation.

Go Deeper

This is where your experience and learning is taken a little deeper through links and articles and other additional information.

This course is a stand alone, individual course but may also be undertaken as the second module of the Institute of Sport’s Leadership and Resilience Development Program.