Welcome to the world of governance!

You may recently have been appointed to your first governance role, perhaps as a secretary, treasurer or even president of a sporting club. Congratulations!

This role is quite different from that of an on-field leader, and comes with numerous responsibilities. It is also an incredibly rewarding role, and can continue your involvement with a sport and club well beyond your playing days!

In this Unit we will examine what governance is, what it isn’t, and more importantly what constitutes good governance.

We will gain an understanding of the systems, structures, policies and laws that govern organisations and learn about how these structures interact.

Specifically we will look at:

  • State and Federal laws and regulatory structures that govern organisations and individuals in the sport sector
  • How clubs and teams develop policies to govern the behaviours of the people they serve, and
  • The role of ethics in the decision making processes of individuals and collective groups of people in sport.

Ultimately you will see that beyond the constraints of law and policy, good governance can make a massive, positive difference to athletes, volunteers and the community of sporting clubs.