So, you’re taking a Uni sporting team on tour…

Student athletes. On tour. With hundreds or even thousands of their peers. And no parental supervision.

Except for you.

In this module we will introduce a lifecycle approach to managing teams on tour, from start to finish.

We will begin with some of the concepts around how you can be effective in this role generally and then zoom in on more specific aspects. This will include induction, codes of conduct, and team bonding (what you should and shouldn’t do).

Sometimes things don’t go as expected and you may be faced with unexpected events or crises that require management, so we will unpack that a little bit, too. And finally, we will look at the end of the process, reflecting and reporting back, and the transfer of knowledge you’ve gained to those that follow.

Without doubt managing a team on tour is one of the more challenging experiences for a sport administrator, whatever their experience or practical skill. Whilst many athletes act as they do normally when away, some athletes transform into totally different people!

This may exacerbate an already challenging job, but remember tour management can be hugely satisfying and rewarding, and that you can as a team manager contribute greatly to the success of your team and your club.