From Purpose to Impact is the name of the Harvard Business Review article that follows this video.

Just like your ‘why’, understanding and actioning your purpose is the key to exceptional performance. Purpose is:

  • what you are;
  • what makes you distinctive and unique;
  • what you’re driven to achieve; and
  • what makes you tick;

Above all, purpose is specific, personal and authentic – it is not what you think it *should* be! It is what you actually are.

According to the article authors, it can be the gateway to greater well-being, a healthier life and can help you thrive whatever the circumstances.

Yet perhaps even more so than locating your values, it can be hard to pinpoint and define your purpose (and even harder to put it into action).

The HBR article describes a seven step process to effectively put purpose into action.

  1. Create your purpose statement;
  2. Write an explanation;
  3. Set three to five year goals;
  4. Set two year goals;
  5. Set one year goals;
  6. Map out critical next steps; and
  7. Examine key relationships.

So now it’s over to you!

Your brand is your most important asset.

Your purpose – your why – informs everything that you will do in this course, in sport and in life.